Second grader starting my journey with my first blog...




I want to go skiing.  I am going skiing in Januwary.  I am going  to visit Nana and Paw Paw on the way to Colorodo.  

I got a book about Ronald Reagan for Christmas!



today A big big big big zbru was fat. that it was big then it normll 1.
(clarification- 'zbru' is Zebra - 'normll' is normal - '1' is one)                                     



At my zoo camp today I had to do a game. The game was I spy. The game was fun.   I came home and I made pants out of a paper grocery bag.                                                                                                                                                             





I am going to wet and wild zoo camp tomorrow!  Today, I am going to my Daddy's slide at his work!            




I had a big home that I made out of Legos in Lego camp.  I had a battle against another Lego car and I had a dump truck.  I won the battle.  I went home and I wrote about my day in my summer journal.  

I am going to my Daddy's work to ride the slide.  That's all. bye.                                  



I built a laser today.  I had a fIght and I won the fight. When I got home I saw Olympics.




I learned to read a level 3 book!  Today I made a new friend.  His name is Jesse.



    At snack time I had cheese puffs today!  I played with my friends in Math.  I played golf today and I hit the golf ball far!!  The golf ball went over the fence.  We were in a huge baseball field.  That's all.


YMCA A's Spring Baseball 2011